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How to Drive More Web Traffic From Social Media

  • Optimize your social profiles

When creating your social media accounts, make sure you have clear description of who you are and what you do. Include this in your handle, bio, name, etc.

  • Use social proof

Share reviews, feedback from your clients with your audience. Let them see what kind of experience they can have with you.

  • Use less popular platforms too

While there are leading social media platforms, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try less popular ones as well. Whether it’s Pinterest, Reddit or something else.

  • Time it right

Even if you have the best content with the most helpful information, it’s irrelevant if no one is there to see it. Check out your analytics to find out when is the best time to post for your audience.

  • Make share buttons obvious

Let’s say you have your blog post out and people want to share it with someone else. Make sure it is easy for them to do so by making the share button obvious and easy to find.

  • Promote your content

Promoting your content is such a great way to reach people in your niche that might have not seen it yet. With tools so easy to target specific people, make sure you utilize them.

  • Engage your audience

Do not post and ghost. Make sure you stick around to talk to your audience and answer comments and posts - create relationships with them.

  • Be responsive

Make it a habit to check your DMs daily. Nothing is more unprofessional then getting a message and taking too long to answer.

  • Get visible

In a world of visual content everywhere, make sure you create posts that are eye-catching, relevant and have good quality.

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